WRITTEN BY  JAPHETH OMOJUWA The Greatest Mistake We Make in December

For this piece, let us set the country aside for a bit and focus on the individual. Today is the first day of the last month of the year 2014. It must mean something to you if you are one of those who look at life in terms of “Happy New Year” and “the year is coming to an end.” Truth be told, most people prefer to live life year on year while others prefer to work it out day by day. This piece is especially for those who live it year on year.

December is probably the most misused month of every year by most people. Somehow, it suddenly dawns on many that the year is actually coming to an end so they suddenly start looking to rush projects that ought to be executed in months, looking to deliver same in December from start to finish.

Many start looking to target numbers they never paid attention to initially. What happens is that many end up getting frustrated. At the end of the month, which is also the end of the year, many look back and imagine what might have been. As the New Year dawns, they make new promises and commitments, to do better. Then they fail the following end of the year. Repeat cycle.

For a serious-minded person or family, the year ends in November. The month of December is the month of looking behind, to make looking ahead easier. You do not plan the New Year in the first month of the New Year, you plan the New Year in the last month of the old year. December ought to be your month of planning, your month of working out to make the following year work better not your month of ruing the missed chances from the current year.

Too many times, we focus and are often obsessed with missed opportunities when we ought to be inspired and driven by unexplored pursuits. You set yourself up for a frustrating end to the year if you set out to do several things you refused to do in the 1st eleven months in the 12th month.

Like football, the first eleven should be set up for you to make the most of what is before you. December then becomes an extra chance to end the year on a high and to project for a new year. Do not get carried away by the festivities, they are often the cloud that prevents you from seeing the essence of making a useful and effective transition from one year to the end.

What then is the greatest mistake we make in December? We think of it as a last chance to make an old year work instead of seeing it as an opportunity to work the New Year. It is okay to plan the New Year when the year clocks but other things being equal, a woman with a plan for the New Year in December of the previous year would be in a much better stead than one with a plan already delayed by some 12th part of a whole year.

If after 11 months the year has not worked for you, doubling your hustle will only marginally make the month look better than the rest. It more often than not will not change the success-failure colouration of the year. Would it not be better to invest the month of December as the foundational bed of the New Year instead of the victim of the year just tailing out?

Do your best to start fixing 2015 from today. You probably haven’t had so good a year– good for you, the year is 92 per cent in the past now. The New Year, which is 100 per cent in the future starts days from now. What would you rather do, invest a whole month trying to rescue the past or use the month to have as much control of the future as possible? Have a great month ahead.

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