Why IT Matters
Posted on November 24, 2014 by Jimi Tewe
In the last few days, I have been running a series on the 7 Keys of Failure. The feedback I have received has confirmed to me that many people have been using these keys unconsciously and now desire to make a change. I will continue the series on Twitter later today. 

The Realization of your Dreams make a BIG difference in this world.

One of my dreams is to see unemployment among Nigerian Youth get reduced significantly. 

My dream led me to do some research, think and even pray to get real solutions. In the month of May, I began to share my findings on employability with Youth Corpers and other young audiences and the feedback I got was very encouraging. Now, I am taking things to the next level. In the next two weeks, my new book, ‘GET EMPLOYED’ will be published and I have a goal to distribute 100,000 free copies before my birthday next year (Dec 4, 2015). 

Already a company is partnering with me to pay for the first 1000 copies. Personally, apart from my money and time that it will cost me, I have decided that as soon as I win the ‘Twitter Handle of the Year award’ (Yes, I believe I will), I will also use the price money of $1000 to produce more and use it to print more books.

Once you make up your mind to work on your dream, people and things around you begin to cooperate with you.

As you step into the week, decide that your dream will enjoy focus in the remaining 38 days of the year.

As at yesterday, I had 1200 votes in the competition. I am still in the lead BUT in the school of success, you do not stop till its over. Can I ask that you vote for me now if you haven’t, please? And if you have voted already, simply rebroadcast this message and urge your contacts to vote also. I pray that you too will enjoy help everytime you need it. The link is:


Details on the twitter session this evening will be sent in the afternoon.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst

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